Monday, July 22, 2013

The First Knotted Pearl Bracelet I Created

This summer, I am taking up Bauble, Bangle, and Bead Stringing, a non-credit class at Fashion Institute of Technology. We only have three meetings. The last one will be on Thursday this week. On our first day, our amazing and very patient teacher Ms. Esther Esses taught us pearl knotting with french wire finishing. After the session, I was able to create a knotted pearl bracelet, the first pearl knotted bracelet I ever made! (See picture above.) The materials include glass pearls, silk thread, lobster clasp, and french wire. 

Last week, I went to check out bead stores on 37th street to find materials for our second project, spiral weaving using seed beads. I am currently working on it! 

These are the Czech seeds beads that I bought! 



  1. Those pink seed beads are incredible! What are they made from? I am obsessed with all things pearl-so classic and so chic! Plus they would look great with the white pants, no? :)
    Thanks for stopping by Monday's Nugget!

    1. Hi Lana, thanks for dropping by! The seed beads are made from glass. I love pearls too! They would absolutely look great with white pants and white dresses. :)