Friday, July 26, 2013

My Handmade Beaded Accessories!

It was our last meeting yesterday for the Baubles, Bangles and Bead Stringing I class at FIT. I learned a lot from the class and it inspired me to continue beading. Ms. Esther Esses, who is currently the vice-president of Bead Society of Greater New York, is such an amazing teacher! 

I am thinking of enrolling in another jewelry-making class next semester. Hopefully, it won't have conflict with the schedule of Ladies Tailoring I. I am officially enrolled in that class. :) Well, I should find out next week, when the school officially releases the schedule for the non-credit courses.

A few days ago, I posted photos of the spiral rope necklace when I started making it. Here's the finished product, a 27-inch long handmade necklace. 

We were also taught cross needle weave technique, which is a lot easier and less time-consuming than the spiral weave. I made a bracelet in one sitting. 

I was also  very glad to have met a very nice Japanese student named Yuri, my constant seatmate in class, who is always very reliable  and helpful whenever I forget the next step. We had a nice chat at Penn Station before we parted ways. She will be going back to Japan, but I am hoping to see her again. :)


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